What is the Autodispens system?

Autodispens is a comprehensive pharmacy program in which the user interface is written using a ‘real time parsing algorithm’ implemented in the Search-As-You-Type interface. It is very fast, user-mimicking, very user friendly and forgiving of mistakes. The program has a laboratory balance linked with it for parts counting, measuring liquids, weighing and counting money. It has a comprehensive drug and patient database with an integrated ordering and stock control system. Autodispens does not use any standard programs for database and communication management. All these were developed in house to achieve optimum speed and compatibility with the rest of the program. Its Search-As-you-Type directions are very flexible and it is a unique feature not found in any other Pharmacy Management System. The drug categorisation / interaction chart was especially compiled by Pal and was used extensively in various parts of the program including the drug Search and Directions.

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