About Pal


Bhopinderpal Singh Sahota, known to his family and friends as Pal is the inventor of Autodispens and Search-As-You-Type technology. He was born in the Punjab, India on 15 December 1953.  Pal with his parents and elder brother emigrated to the United Kingdom in 1962 and settled in Stratford, London. Pal is married and has two children, a son (20) and daughter (19).

In 1985 Pal established his first pharmacy and later two more pharmacies and a supermarket with his business partner Roshan Lal.  These thriving businesses were sold 20 years later.  Fascinated by programming Pal invented Autodispens the pharmacy computer program in 1987.  The Search-As-You-Type algorithm was incorporated into the program in 1989. He has thought of many original ideas and inventions some of which he has successfully patented such as the Dispensing Scoop and the Pin Pusher.

Pal obtained his karate black belt when he was 20 years old under Shihan Richard Wu (7thDan).   He established and ran the Karate Club and was the chief instructor at his university. He obtained his degree in Pharmacy from Chelsea College prior to its merger with Kings College, London.


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