What is search-as-you-type?

It is a new concept in database access and a way of managing ‘user input’ that creates an optimised user interface. The program is written using a “real time parsing algorithm.” It uses the redundant time between each key press ie processing starts from the first key and continues while each key is being pressed. In the case of Autodispens (the pharmacy computer management system) it could be accessing drugs, patient records, translating quantity, directions or for other functions required in the program. In the case of directions concise but flexible pseudo codes is used to produce a full set of flexible directions appropriate for that drug. This process dramatically increases the speed of processing especially database access due to the fact that after each key press there is less processing to do as the data processed is being reduced. Compare the speed of a typist (fastest at around 100-200 Words per minute) to many Giga Hertz per second of the CPU.

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